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First off; no, it's not the horrible 2003 movie starring Eddie Murphy. Actually, The Haunted Mansion attraction at Walt Disney World is my favorite attraction for its outstanding illusions, music, and sounds. In 2000, a tribute CD was released by the resort that contained an audio 'ride-thru' of the Disneyland Version. I never visited the Disneyland version though I heard it's far superior to the WDW version. Nevertheless, the audio quality of the CD was rather sub-par (lower than 128Kbps MP3 quality).

I ended up putting together a WDW version of the ride-thru by memory using audio recordings from random sources (other than by the company). The result turned out well, but something was missing. By the time I had the tools for surround sound design around the year 2010, I took all of the files once again and put together in Dolby Digital 5.1 (AC3) another ride-thru as if you were in the Doombuggy (Omnimover ride vehicle) itself. The audio was put together and tested on a THX sound system (Logitech Z-5500 to be exact) for the best possible experience, of course. Now, you get a chance to experience it in digital surround sound for yourself.

The download contains an ISO Disc Image file that can be burned onto a DVD and played back on any DVD Player connected to a digital sound system. Please note that there is no full video included, but a few segments from random parts of the attraction will show up every now and then.

If you haven't ever been on the attraction, you are welcome to watch the video at the top of the page. The recording is from 2002, prior to the good 2007 rehab and the bad 2010 rehab. The audio tracks are from before either rehab as well. You may preview the video segments in the lower video if you wish. Please note that this is a fan-made experience. I am not currently affiliated with TWDC.

If you would like to experience it for yourself, see below for the requirements and the download link.

Requirements for Optimal Playback
  • A blank single-layer (4.7 GB) DVD-R or DVD+R
  • A disc burning program able to burn ISO images to disc
  • A DVD Player with a digital coax or optical output
  • A sound system that can accept Dolby Digital 5.1 audio from a DVD Player

Additional Notes: The file downloaded is in ZIP format. You will need to extract the file onto your hard drive and then burn to a DVD. I recommend sitting in the center of the room facing the front speakers. The surround speakers will provide most of the Doombuggy ride-thru narration and effects.

Download ZIP file - 112 MB

If the link above doesn't work or is too slow, try the Google Drive link below:
Download ZIP file - 112 MB via Google Drive

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